Ir. Daan ter Avest Msc.

Position: Architect

Born: 1955

Registered in the Dutch Architects Register no. 1.890107.039


1982 Delft University of Technology, Msc.

Selection of relevant projects

2014-2017 The Hague, Melis, combined Mytyl/Tytyl school

2013-2016 Hilversum, Merem, new construction rehabilitation center

2013-2016 Hilversum, Mytyl, Mytylschool

2012-2014 Almere, PIT_National Safety Institute, police and fire museum

2009-2012 The Hague, Sophia Rehabilitation, new construction rehabilitation center

2005-2009 Zoetermeer, Castellum, community school and community center in the Palenstein district

2007-2008 Enschede, Janninkkwartier, restructuring and urban development plan

2000-2005 Hengelo, Beursplein, library and municipal information center

1999-2004 Leiden, De Lepelaar community care center and apartment complex

1986-1991 Dordrecht, Octant, apartment complex

Awards and nominations

2016 Nomination Herengracht Industry Prize, IC/CCU, Bravis Hospital in Roosendaal

2011 Winner of the Laan-Villa selection in the new Haagwijk in Voorschoten

2009 Winner of the Audience Award Do-IT, CO2-neutral renovation of an apartment building in Zoetermeer

2009 Nomination Residential award 2009, Palenstein apartment buildings in Zoetermeer

2006 Nomination BNA building of the year, library in Hengelo

2004 Nomination Rotterdam Construction Quality Award, the Termaathuis in Rotterdam

2001 Nomination National Renovation Prize, Gravenstein flat in Amsterdam Z.O.

1997 Winner of Aluminum Award, residential buildings 5 ​​Meilaan in Leiden

1992 Nomination Bronze Beaver, Octant residential building in Dordrecht

1991 Winner of Painting Prize, Octant residential building in Dordrecht

Side activities

2019 – 2020 Amsterdam, municipality, ’think tank De Bretten’

2017 – 2020 Amsterdam, municipal council, ’think tank City in Balance’

2012 – 2017 Board member of the Canal Race in Amsterdam

2011 – 2012 Guest lecturer at the University of the Arts in Utrecht

2011 – 2014 Mentor Brains4U in The Hague

2009 – 2010 Advisor National Fire Museum in Hellevoetsluis

2007 – present Supervisor of the GreenParkAalsmeer business park in Aalsmeer

2006 – 2014 Member Image Quality in Amsterdam Z.O.

2006 – 2014 Member Burman Group, painters collective in Amsterdam

2003 – 2009 Member Image Quality and Monuments Committee in Nijmegen

2002 – 2020 Supervisor Prisma business park in Lansingerland