I am a experienced, independent architect, involved in the design of both private and public buildings and environments.

I actively seek to establish a productive relationship with my clients’ teams. I consider it essential that the client’s identity serves as the core value in my work. All phases of my projects involve creative, collaborative processes, from initial contact and research to delivery and follow-up. I offer tailored frameworks to guide decision-making, prioritize time and money, bridge potential gaps in project teams, and help maintain mutual goals and high standards. Ultimately, communication is the key.

I am versatile and can adapt to various roles, from concept developer to designer and creative director, from quality-driven advisor to practical project manager. I find satisfaction in working within creative teams, often collaborating with other designers and artists on my projects. I believe in straightforward, no-nonsense professionals at all levels.

As a proud former co-owner and director of MAS architectuur, I collaborated with a diverse team for many years. In 2022, I made the decision to take the next step in my life and venture independently, stepping away from MAS architectuur, which is now successfully in the hands of the current owners.